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Exchange old furniture

Out With The Old & In With The New.


Lowest Costs, Highest Value While Selling Your Old Furniture.

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Exchange For cash

Put Your Furniture Up For Sale Or We Will Buy It For Cash.

Or Sell

Repair Old Furniture Or List Your Item & Sell It Online Without Hassle.

What Makes Us Different?

Instant Notification

We Will Inform You Of Your Sale As Soon As It Happens.

Affordable rates

Lowest Commission & Selling Costs.

certified & experienced

We Have Been In The Furniture Business For More Than 10 years.

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We Will Work Until You Are Satisfied.


Furniture items in good condition will be bought and sold eve if they are old. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Living Space?

Sell you old setup and get our team to install new furniture. You can cut up to 70% cost by doing this. 

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Earn money from your old furniture. 

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